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Group activities for adults

Fun, challenging, attractive and entertaining options of group activities including games, tours and competitions or team games for adults and employees. Read more

Games for large groups using the odt method

Recommended games for large groups and team building games to give content and add value to highlight your employees' strengths. Read more

Social games for team bonding

Odt games and a variety of social games are an excellent way for your employees to take a break from the work environment and connect with each other. Read more

Developing Effective Virtual Teams

Virtual teams benefit exponentially from getting together face-to-face and participating in experiential learning that model desired team behaviour. Read more

Odt team building games

All the benefits you will receive from a day of bonding between employees combined with odt team building games. Read more

Fun days for employees

Organise fun days for your employees with these challenging activities full of adrenaline and fun. Read more

​Destress & refresh with mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation produces positive effects on psychological wellbeing that extend beyond the actual meditation. Read more

Wellbeing for healthier, happier, harmonious & productive teams

Physical, mental, financial, spiritual and emotional health are important to employee engagement, retention and performance. Read more

How Playing Games Can Improve Teamwork

Played right, games are not only a short break from real work, they are a tool to create a better reality. The discoveries made and skills earned will be “saved” in your brain for a use in other situations. Read more

​How team building promotes cross-departmental cooperation

Social psychologist René Wittek explains how to tackle in-group segregation in the workplace. Read more

Step into a New World of Team Building with Virtual Reality

Drive excitement for your next team building day with VR team building, your next unusual team building event! Read more

How Technology and Gamification Are Revolutionising Corporate Team Building

Discover the science behind gamification and technology in enhancing team building outcomes. Read more