One Voice

Feel the joy and uplifting power of singing together as a group.

10 minutes - 1 hour
10 - Unlimited


In One Voice, guided by an experienced vocal instructor participants are led through a series of fun exercises that stretch the body and voice. As confidence builds, they are then challenged to achieve more and more until, finally, the whole team comes together in song uniquely tailored to the group. In One Voice, they show what can be achieved when they really open their hearts, minds and mouths. Their final song can also be made available for them to take home as a special reminder of this fantastic collective experience.

Learning Outcomes

One Voice is based on extensive research into the power of group singing to boast the social, emotion and psychological well being of individuals. Once Voice demands focused concentration on a variety of actions including listening and watching the facilitator intently, remembering the words and listening to ones own voice and other voices in harmony. This focused attention on aspects outside normal life concerns, releases stress and puts participants in an attentive and receptive state of mind.

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What an uplifting and exhilarating experience.


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