Urban Challenge

It's not a race it's an adventure!

1.5 - 4 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
15 - Unlimited


The game is designed for groups of participants and takes place in every city in Israel and abroad, especially in cities with an historical background and ancient buildings. Participants embark on a track consisting of 12 clues. They must plan the most strategic route and reach the task sites scattered around.

The activity is based on the Urban City format that has taken over U.S. cities. It introduces participants to the city and allows them to see it from a different, fun and challenging angle.

Learning Outcomes

Participant will learn how to collaborate to create an effective action plan to complete a number of assigned tasks. They will be able to improve strategic thinking, time management and collaboration, and will be able to apply their learning in the workplace.

Urban Challenge transforms the city into an enormous playground and combines elements of challenge, strategy, daring and thought. It offers participants an exciting experience that is unique to the Challenge Group.

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