Infected Zone

Escape challenge with zombies walking through your office!

1.5 - 2 hours
20 - Unlimited


In Go Team – Infected Zone you are a member of a special research team whose goal is to enter the virus-infested compound and locate the serum that will save humankind!

Teams are given a case that will take them through a fascinating adventure involving "infected" characters, weapons, missions and mysterious riddles.

The corridors, the elevator, the conference rooms, the lobby will be the perfect setting for this fascinating and challenging escape experience!

Learning Outcomes

In Go Team – Infected Zone teams will embark in a fast pace activity that presents many surprises along the way. It includes unique elements such as ultra-light bulbs, secret cypher facilities, cracking of photographed codes, special locks and other experiential challenges.

An action-packed activity wrapped in a fascinating story where time is running out!

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You managed to surprise us with an excellent and unexpected game!

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