Urban Madness

Turn the city into a huge playground!

3 - 3.5 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
20 - Unlimited


In this experiential and fast pace business game, each team chooses a theme and creates a group costume according to the chosen theme. Once the costumes are ready, participants get dressed up and go out to play in the streets of the city.

Teams set out on a path that includes a range of experiential challenges, in which they will have to use collaboration and strategic thinking to build the most effective plan to carry out the missions. Teams with the most points win!

Learning Outcomes

Urban Madness combines challenge, strategy and especially daring! During the activity, participants pass through different locations throughout the city and perform amusing, challenging and daring tasks. The challenges ensure that participants develop strategic thinking, problem solving, collaboration, time management and promote teamwork.

To complete the tasks, participants will require the involvement of passersby and a lot of courage! Teams will be able to apply their new learning and improved skills to the workplace.

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