City Escape

The biggest escape challenge in the world!

1.5 - 3 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
15 - Unlimited


You will be in on the best-kept secret of your Homeland security department – a series of mysterious events with no leads or clues about who is responsible for them. The time is ticking for you and your team to use your super-sleuth skills in a fully immersive, real-life urban escape experience that is sure to test your wits and challenge you as you work to find all clues and hints to encrypted and break the code – all within a 120 min period! With hidden clues, a briefcase filled with gadgets, cyphers, cleverly crafted messages and mind-bending puzzles, it just might be the fastest day of your life!

First, the participants will be divided into teams, after a short intro, they will get their mysterious briefcase with the tools, hints, clues, gadgets, puzzles and other elements that will help them during the game.

The frame story will guide them with the first hint and from this point on each team will have his own pace and direction. Some puzzles will direct them to specific addresses, some will send them to meet various people, to look for bars/locations and for more clues to revile and gather as much information as they can. After collecting all or most of the clues, they will have to figure out what is the final code to escape the game! Not all teams will make it, the first team that does is the Escape Masters!

Learning Outcomes

This activity will examine the ability of the participants to outline an action plan and establish milestones to harness the entire group assignment. Participants will learn to place each team member, making their strengths and abilities shine.

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