Royal Bank of Scotland take time for mindfulness

Published on 17 May 2018

Royal Bank of Scotland were seeking a program for their conference that would focus on stress reduction and stress management. A team building activity that would create a positive attitude, focus the mind and provide inspiration. They were also keen for the select team building program to be a shared experience that unified the group. Meditainment was the ideal choice.

Meditainment is a 30 minute meditation program researched and designed by Catalyst Global in collaboration with industry leaders Wellmind Media.

What happened on the day?

At the International conference centre in Birmingham, commercial banking directors from the Royal Bank of Scotland walked into a darkened conference room where sample meditative journeys were being played on the big screen. Once everyone was seated and the audio visual paused, The group were led through a series of gentle, fun stretching exercises.

Delegates were then asked to take their glowing voting sticks in hand. All attention fell to the screen which guided the group through 16 meditative destinations from which they were to select just one. The delegates unanimously chose the Mountain Refuge program, designed for self motivation.

meditainment royal bank of scotland

During the meditation the delegates were asked to close their eyes, sit back and relax. Relaxing, meditative audio filled the room as delegates settled down to enjoy the experience. At silent moments in the audio track, the room was completely void of sound.

At the close of the Meditainment activity, people chatted openly with those nearby about this shared experience in a relaxed and mindful state of mind. Delegates were refreshed ready to participate wholly forthcoming conference agenda.

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