Face to Face

Discover how well you know yourself and others

2 - 3 hours
20 - 800


In Face to Face, teams are faced with a series of multiple choice questions projected on a central screen. Each answer relates to a coloured stone. The question is posed, everyone has a minute to consider their answer and pluck the appropriate coloured stone from their bag. Then on request, at the same time, they all thrust their hands into the middle of the circle. They then open their fist with palm up, showing their coloured stone. Each participant is given one minute to explain their decision to the group. A gong rings indicating that participants must move to another table. The process is repeated until the allocated time is elapsed.

Learning Outcomes

Social media have forever changed interpersonal exchanges. Despite which, face to face social interactions are vital to well being and developing business relationships. This informal, fun, non-confrontational game, encourages participants to quickly connect as they discover mutual interests and interesting facts about others. Face-to-Face is used at conferences as an ice breaker or to encourage networking. For staff induction or for teams wanting to get to know each other better its a fantastic way of uncovering mutual interests emerge and encouraging strong bonds to be formed.

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